Servicing & Repairs

We offer a wide range of services from changing a light bulb to MOTs, servicing and major repairs.

The 3 main service checks are:
Interim Service : Oil and filter change with flushes & service checks.
Full Standard Service : This is most common service and is very good value for money. It includes oil and filter change, air filter change, sparkplugs, flushes & service checks.
Deluxe Service : As Full Standard Service plus air conditioning checks and clean pollen and fuel filters.

Car needs

We can provide and fit tyres, brakes, exhausts, batteries, lights and all other routine car parts.


Car Repairs

We have mechanical knowledge of all type of vehicles, including road cars, 4×4′s, commercial vehicles and even prestige classic cars.

Call us for a quote if you have any repair needs.

  • Car diagnostics
  • All electronic and ecu diagnostics
  • Air conditioning
  • Air conditioning regas & checks
  • Poor engine performance diagnostics


Fleet Cars

If your business is looking for a company to look after your fleet vehicles, we can also offer all the support to keep you on the road.